Boiled Peanuts…doesn’t the thought of these flavorful beans (yes, that’s right beans!) just start making your mouth water? The perfect (and official) snack of South Carolina, we have spent years perfecting our secret recipe. Whether you’re heading to the lake, the beach or relaxing at home, our Boiled Peanuts are a favorite and enjoyed by those young and old alike. Our doors are open seven days a week and we ship all year round.

Available in two flavors, our signature Carolina blend which is so delicious we guarantee they’ll leave you wanting more or Low Country Cajun for those looking for some heat and extra seasoning. You’ll see why we have people coming from far and wide to try them. We also lovingly handcraft every batch of our delicious peanuts using only the freshest, local ingredients. The only thing that could make them better is a tall glass of your Grandma’s Sweet Tea. Don’t wait another minute, order a batch today and let the flavorful taste and aromas remind you how great it is to own a slice of South Carolina tradition.

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